Malaysia In Me

Living an expatriate in Malaysia for more than 9 months is a milestone for which I find a memorable period. Perhaps, it’s hard to state my love for this country but still I can not deny having great and invaluable momments here. And I believe that there is no better way to express my appreciation for treating me well by showing you how Malaysia seems to be in me through a collection of photos taken during my stay in “the little Asia”.

A Nation Of Structural Miracles

Malaysia is the magnificent unique beauty of a man-made structure to be recognized as a symbol of this country – Petronas Twin Towers
Be prepared to be amazed at how giant the Malaysia Prime Minister Office is!
Malaysia is romantic evenings to lure wanderers
Tian Hou temple is like a colorful girl that highlights bustling Kuala Lumpur.
I can say that Sunway has become my second home
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Or Central Market aka Pasar Seni – where you can find all the local souvenirs within Malaysia


And deniftely Genting is a perfect place for relaxation to stay away from the heat of Malaysia
Sultan Abdul Samad Building does impress visitors by its vintage style


Putra Mosque in me is not simply a sacred religious site but a talented piece of art
Should you be here to experience what I call “safe and sound”
Bukit Bintang – the heart of Kuala Lumpur is always rustic and lively as it is
Đài phun nước hoa dâm bụt trước trung tâm mua sắm Pavilion
This charming waterfall is another story of my expat life in KL
KL at night

The Charm of Ordinaries

You may find it ridiculous but it’s obvious to me that Malaysia’s attraction is deprived from unremarkably usual things including  just a narrow pavement.

 A Must-To-Try Cuisine

Though with some of my friends, Malaysia consits of indigestable dishes with full of spicy herbs, spices and a non-vegetable style compared to Vietnam’s daily meals. I does admire the variety and diversity of food styles here, which inclusive of three major group of people in Malaysia – Chinese, Indian and Malay. They are, to be truly, not that hard to taste. Hence, if you have chance, don’t hesitate to try them all.

Saimon Tobi


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