China Tourist Visa in Malaysia

In fact, I have never thought that application for Chinese tourist visa (category L) for a foreigner with Vietnamese passport, who is meanwhile in Malaysia, is so easy like a piece of cake since the process of requirements for this kind of visa in my country is quite stricter and more complicated. With this post, you can easily apply for a Chinese tourist visa provided that you meet all the requirements of Chinese Consultant/Visa Application Centre without a single problem of failure or lack of documents (90% of certain that you will get the visa).

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Basic requirements

Chinese Tourist visa is totally applicable under two types: the first one is Knowledge Worker with a legal and valid Work Permit of Malaysia (to say it’s the legal proof of your residence in Malaysia) without any records of illegal activities. Besides, you can also apply if you are a tourist who is visiting Malaysia with a valid, legal stamp from the office of Immigration and a passport without any restricted observations. And definitely, neither way requires you to have a more-than-6-month valid passport to request for the visa. There are still many more kinds of visa and requirements for each. Please find the reference at:

Fulfill the documents

The basic required papers for both two types of application are:

+ A valid passport with at least 6 months (of course should not be stamped with any illegal activities)

+ two 4.8 x 3.3 size photos with white background, not wearing glasses, hair is not so messy)

+ A copy of visa for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or China regardless of valid or expried status if you did apply before. If using new passport, please attach with the previous passport and the copy of those kinds of visa.

+ A form to fill in all necessary information for visa category L (download at the above website or get it at the visa centre)

+ The photocopy of the first page in your Passport 

Apply for visa under tourist status in Malaysia

You need to prove that you are legally a visitor in Malaysia with a valid stamp of immigration when you enter Malaysia, beside all of the above; or a valid tourist visa with a stamp from immigration office and the following:

+ Return flight itinerary to China/or out of China Main Land

+ Confirmation of hotel booking meanwhile you are staying in Malaysia + flight itinerary to Malaysia (with your name on it)

+ Confirmation of hotel booking in Chian during your stay (with your name on it)

+ Detailed travel plan in China

Apply for visa under working status (knowledge worker/expatriates)

Quite different from application as tourist, the following is what you should have when apply as a working expatriate in Malaysia to get rid of refusal:

+ Working visa/permit that is valid until you get on the trip and return

+ Working Contract with you and you employee

+ Confirmation of hotel booking in China (with your name on it)

+ Return flight itinerary to China/out of Mainland China

 Where to Apply for a Chinese Visa?

You will have to apply for a visa right at the area you are staying in Malaysia, which means the nearest office. They have offices in West Malaysia as Penang, Joho Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and East Malaysia.

I submit the documents in Kuala Lumpur as currently I’m living in Selangor. The office is quite easy to find. You catch the LRT train to station Ampang Park/KLCC and walk for 400m (both the two stations are quite near to the office) until you see the New Hampshire Building. The processing office is at level 5.

visa china
Direction of the China Visa Application Centre

Visa Application Processing

It isn’t strict that you have to put away your phones and belongings. To avoide crowds, please arrange an appointment on website: 

When the day comes, reach level 5, contact the receptionists to check your documents if there are anough or not, then they will ask you to go inside. There are around 8 kiosks for which you wait to call your number and hand all the documents to them. They may ask you some questions to clarify everything again. If it’s ok, you will be given a pick up form. If you are rushing to have visa, you can ask for a quick process with more expensive fee for 2 or 3 days. The normal process takes 4 days

Inside the Application Centre
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Pick up form

After 4 days, please access to level 6 to show them the pick up form, pay the fee and you get the visa. You may examine the fee here: 

Wishing you guys good luck in applying for Chinese Tourist Visa.!

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